Best Books of August 2020

This month let me down in the book department :/ Not even one of the books that I read got a five star rating from me, but, there are three four star-reviews which will have to be featured as my "Best Books of August 2020". Little Morning Star (Wicked Crown #1) by May Sage, 4... Continue Reading →

Best of August 2020

Food: In August I've been obsessed with the soft ice cream that my work makes from scratch. We have different flavours every-other week or so and this month, the flavours were either mint, orange, or vanilla. I was sceptical to both the mint and the orange flavours, BUT, they were both DELICIOUS! I can't wait... Continue Reading →


Since last, I've had my 25th birthday (I know, scary) and to celebrate, during Covid-19 restrictions and what not, I bought myself something that I've always wanted, a pet. That's right! I bought myself companionship for the next, like, 20 years or so.... am I pathetic? Lol! I bought myself a cute and adorable housecat,... Continue Reading →

My Preliminary Posting Schedule 2.0

I've tried the previous schedule for a little (little) while now and I am already wanting to do some changes. There will still be at least four posts/month, but now, unlike before, there will be one post/week instead of two posts every other week. This will reduce the number of e-mails that my e-mail subscribers... Continue Reading →

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